Alcon CAR4949 355 Rear Racing Brake Kit - F8X M2/M3/M4

Rear, 4-piston ultra-premium motorsport brake kit for F80, F82, F83, and F87 models.

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Alcon 355mm 4-piston Racing Brake Kit for F8X M2/M3/M4 features -

  • 355x28mm slotted rotors
  • 4-piston CAR4949 forged calipers
  • Forged caliper brackets
  • Stainless brake lines
  • Fits under 18" wheels*

Alcon brings technology from the top levels of GT and Prototype racing to your feet with this 4-piston 355mm racing brake kit. BimmerWorld and Alcon worked together to build a braking system using Alcon's unparalleled racing pedigree combined with BimmerWorld's "zero compromise" approach to racing hardware built around our expertise with the E9X M3 and F8X M2/M3/M4 on the race track. This is a true racing brake kit with premium components not found on mass-market big brake kits. This rear kit must be used with the Alcon 380mm front kit.

We approached several major brake suppliers but only Alcon could provide us with the highest-quality materials and workmanship with a manufacturing base in the USA. The brake rotors are cast and machined in the US from a proprietary iron with high carbon and copper content that has exceptional thermal stability and high strength from low weight. These rotors come pre-bedded with pad material so time or performance is not lost with a bedding-in session. Rotors are two-piece with turbulator vanes and a floating hat assembly with anti-rattle clips (optional use). The turbulator design pumps air through the disc much more efficiently than straight or curved vanes. The rotors have a curved slot pattern.

The 4-piston GT/Touring Car calipers are forged from aerospace-grade billet aluminum in the UK. Dry weight is just 4.18lbs without pads. Forged two-piece calipers are extremely stiff, which translates into greater confidence in braking and optimum performance. Pad knock-back springs are included. The stainless pistons do not use dust seals so these brakes should not be used for street use**.

This kit does not include pads as standard equipment. A wide variety of pads are available. The caliper uses a industry-standard shape up to a 23mm thickness. Pad part numbers are Alcon 4441, PFC 7700, Pagid 1607, Hawk 105x.775, Ferodo FRP1077, and Wilwood 9216.

* - One of the best features of this kit is that it can fit under 18" wheels! BimmerWorld has confirmed fitment for our TA5R wheels (no spacers!), TA16 (10-12mm spacer recommended), APEX FL-5 (no spacers!), APEX EC-7 (10-12mm spacer recommended), and APEX ARC8 (clears but not recommended due to barrel clearance). If we don't list your wheel here, contact us for a fitment template.

** - To get the specs we wanted, dust seals have been deleted from the caliper design. We strongly advise against using these brakes for regular street use. The rotor hat works with the factory parking brake but should not be used as an emergency brake. Some trimming of the brake dust shield is required for clearance.

BMW Fitments:
2 Series
F87 (2016-2021) > M2 Competition S55 (2019+)
F87 (2016-2021) > M2 N55 (2016-2018)
3 Series
F80 (2015-2018) > M3 (2015-2018)
4 Series
F82 / F83 (2015-2020) > M4 (2015-2020)
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