Pentosin CHF11S Hydraulic Fluid (5 Liters)

Specially formulated hydraulic fluid, most often used in modern power steering

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Pentosin CHF11S is a specially formulated high-performance hydraulic fluid designed specifically for automotive use in power steering, power convertible tops, and self-leveling suspension systems. Hydraulic fluid is a full synthetic that is engineered to work better than traditional ATF. It's crucial that ATF and CHF not be mixed! Do not use CHF where ATF is called for (and vice versa). Pentosin has specifically engineered CHF11S for performance in demanding conditions and -40°C to over 130°C operating temperatures.

EHF vs. CHF. Both formulas are produced by Pentosin, the original supplier to BMW for hydraulic fluid. CHF is a direct replacement for BMW fluid part numbers 83290429576, 82111468041, and 82110148132. EHF was introduced as a lower-cost alternative to CHF and has very similar properties but does not carry OEM approval. There doesn't appear to be any downside to the lower price EHF and they can be mixed.

Pentosin was founded in 1927 in Hamburg, Germany and is currently an OE supplier to BMW, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and others. They are the OE fluid supplier in over 27 different automotive applications. They employ a "zero mistake" philosophy in developing and manufacturing fluids with ISO certifications and are recognized in the OE and aftermarket world as the undisputed leader in critical fluids.

For full BMW fitment information or for assistance from one of our BMW experts, we recommend calling us 877-639-9648.
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