Racetech 4100 Racing Seat (Standard Size)

Excellent lateral support for small/average drivers. Lighter weight than 4009 seats.

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Racing seat compatible with your HANS device.

Protecting and supporting the human body in the right places and keeping all parts of the body in the same relationship to each other will help minimize injury and greatly increase chances of survival. The design and structure of the seat is perhaps more vital to survival than even the harness. Tests show that in a frontal impact only around 20% of body movement comes from the belt stretching. The remaining 80% is from the body not being contained within the seat. The ability of the seat to absorb crash energy lessens the amount of it that the body has to contend with. And in the case of multiple impacts the belts and seat will continue to deform, making the quality and strength of the structure around you even more vital.

Racetech 4100 seats feature a lighter fiberglass shell than 4009 seats and have the option of a seatback brace included in the shell structure. The 4100 was designed to be wide enough in the shoulders to suit an athletic build, but narrow enough to fit in most cockpits. Racetech designs their seats with support in critical areas to minimize fatigue and improve driver comfort and confidence. As a fiberglass seat designed under FIA 8855-1999 regulations a seatback brace may be required, depending on your series rules and safety standards. The 4100 has reinforced threaded bosses inside the seatback.

Racetech 4100 features:
  • Recommended Size: 29"-36" waist
  • Head Restraints: no
  • HANS Compatible: yes
  • Shell material: fiberglass composite
  • Back Brace Required: recommended and required in some cases (check your rules!)
  • Air Ducting: no
  • Fabric: black fire-retardant fabric with Spacer mesh in the torso
  • Harness Guides: 4, 5, 6-point
  • Mount Configuration: side mount
  • Mounting Bolt Torque: 22ft-lbs (30Nm)
  • FIA Homologation: FIA 8855-1999
Racetech is THE top-of-the-line in racing safety seats. Racetech's rigorous approach to seat design and construction has earned the reputation as the strongest, safest, and most supportive seats available. Engineers obsessively focus on details in seat design and safety to make them the safest in the world. Racetech designs and manufactures their seats in New Zealand - a hotbed for motorsports. They supply many teams and racing series around the globe and are often consulted by the FIA in establishing official race seat standards. Among the many seat brands in the world BimmerWorld prefers Racetech seats in all of our race cars - from amateur to pro.

Racetech 4100 Seat Dimensions (click for diagram):
Seat ModelABCDEFGMWeight
RT4100, Standard60cm / 23.6in56cm / 22.05in38cm / 15.0in47cm / 18.5in50cm / 19.7in87cm / 34.25in63cm / 24.8in40cm 15.75/ in7.6kg 16.72/ lb
RT4100T, Tall64cm / 26.2in62cm / 24.4in38cm / 15.0in51cm / 20.08in50cm / 19.7in93cm / 36.6in69cm / 27.2in44cm / 17.3in7.9kg / 17.38lb
RT4100WT, Wide & Tall64cm / 26.2in62cm / 24.4in42cm / 16.5in51cm / 20.08in50cm / 19.7in93cm / 36.6in69cm / 27.2in44cm / 17.3in7.9kg / 17.38lb

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