E46/Z4 Non-M Front Suspension Overhaul Kit - OEM Street

OEM Lemforder control arms and pre-pressed OEM bushings in one convenient kit.

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This package covers the front control arms and bushings with direct replacement OEM Lemforder parts. Lemforder is one of the original suppliers to BMW for control arms, bushings, and many other suspension components.

E46 control arm ball joints and bushings last approximately 2-3 years / 50,000 miles and then show signs of wear (much sooner with track/autocross use). A worn set of front control arms and bushings can play havoc on the handling and tire wear of your vehicle. It's absolutely vital to regularly inspect your control arms, ball joints, and bushings for wear and fatigue before it becomes a dangerous safety issue. Your ball joints may have a level of wear without you feeling it through the steering wheel or chassis. Fresh ball joints also tighten up the handling and steering, giving you a more direct steering feel and more confident handling. If you feel some of your BMW handling crispness is gone, check the E46 front lower control arms and bushings.

We sell several different types of control arms, as well as bushings, depending on your budget and intended use. These are the OEM E46 and Z4 front control arms, as your car was originally equipped.

OEM arms are also available with upgraded Powerflex urethane bushings as a Stage I kit for even better steering feel and handling improvement.

BMW Fitments:

3 Series

E46 (99-05) > 320i
E46 (99-05) > 323Ci
E46 (99-05) > 323i
E46 (99-05) > 325Ci
E46 (99-05) > 328Ci
E46 (99-05) > 328i
E46 (99-05) > 330Ci
E46 (99-05) > 330i
Z Series
E85 / E86 Z4 (03-08) > Z4 2.5i M54
E85 / E86 Z4 (03-08) > Z4 3.0i M54
E85 / E86 Z4 (06-08) > Z4 3.0i N52
E85 / E86 Z4 (06-08) > Z4 3.0si N52
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