Front Thrust Arm Bushings (FCAB), Powerflex - E39 540i/M5

Sharper steering and more precise handling with a lifetime warranty!. Replacement for BMW part #31120006482

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Powerflex Front Thrust Rod Bushings are the ideal replacement for the worn-out bushings on your E39 M5 or 540. Not only will these provide a noticeable improvement in performance, but they're guaranteed to last a lifetime!

Rubber control arm bushings have too much deflection, especially when old and worn and cause vague and sloppy steering, poor handling, bad alignment, and vibrations through the steering wheel. Rubber is not well-suited for performance driving either as the alignment changes too much as the bushing deflects. And Delrin or aluminum is too solid to use on the street. Urethane bushings slot in-between soft rubber and solid materials to deliver more precision and performance without degrading Noise, Vibration, or Harshness. The firmer material keeps the alignment in check with less variation. The car feels more planted and confidence-inspiring. And a lifetime warranty means you'll likely never have to pay for another bushing ever again!

Powerflex has extensive experience in automotive suspension and chassis systems and has combined these skills with advanced polyurethane manufacturing techniques. Durometer is standardized per fitment and location, so you can rest assured knowing the design engineers have selected the optimal urethane hardness for this specific part.

Note: Powerflex copper-based grease is supplied with every bushing set, and they will rarely need re-lubing due to the unique design features built into the material to hold the lubricant.

Lifetime warranty.

To verify fitment please use the Search By Model at left. Replaces BMW part numbers 31120006482, 31129071085, 31129069829, 31129068734, and 31121141752.

BMW Fitments:

5 Series
E39 (97-03) > 540i
E39 (97-03) > M5 (00-03)
7 Series
E38 (95-01) > 740i
E38 (95-01) > 740iL
E38 (95-01) > 750iL
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