MCS 1WNR Coil Over Shock Set - F87 M2, F80 M3, F82 M4

Set of SA shocks to start your track coil over build. Damper set without springs or camber plates.

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Full Kits Available! 
Complete assembled coil overs available! 
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F8X damper set ready for springs, mounts, and camber plates!

NEW kit includes spring seats and more mounting pieces.

+ Single-Adjustable (rebound) dampers (18 clicks) 
+ Front strut adapter sleeves
+ Rear upper clevis mounts included
+ Unique adjustment mechanism for easy access and fast changes 
+ Front spring seats (2.25", 2.5", or 60mm) 
+ Height adjuster tools 
+ Damping adjustment knobs

This is the MCS 1WNR coil over shock set ready for your camber plates and spring package. This is the perfect package to begin building your F8X track coil over suspension or to upgrade from your inadequate current dampers and hardware. MCS 1W are incredibly versatile with 18 truly unique damping rates. The 1W is an excellent starting point that is tame enough to use on the street even with stiff springs. The shock internals share the same components as other MCS struts so it can be upgraded to a 2W damper later. Contact us if you want us to help you complete your track coil overs!

MCS 1W coil overs are adjustable for rebound through 18 distinct and meaningful settings. What makes an MCS damper stand apart from the rest is in the shock tuning and rates. Each click has been plotted for specific rate targets and is not just an X% difference from the clicks around it. This is why an MCS shock can provide a comfortable ride on the street even with stiff springs and how it can deliver exceptional performance on even bumpy tracks. An internal blow-off valve unique to MCS also contributes to ride quality and suspension compliance even with hard impacts.

Should the rear be a coil over on F8X? No one has done independent lab testing of the loads the rear shock towers can take. However, in our experience the rear shock towers are sufficiently reinforced from the factory that no additional reinforcement is needed. Especially if running softer springs and street tires. However, for any regular track use we would like to see a cage or half-cage in the car anyway. These usually tie into the shock towers and add thickness and rigidity.

Related Items: this is a “starter package” of dampers that form the basis of a custom coil over build. You will also need: 
springs (2.25", 2.5", or 60mm ID) 
front camber plates (sized correctly for the MCS struts and springs) 
rear spring height adjusters 
adjustable sway bar links

Rear spring note: in a divorced rear spring (not a coil over rear) the spring perch inside the rear control arm is slightly too large for a 2.25" spring. You will need to use 60mm or 2.5" rear springs.

Factory EDC: these coil over shocks replace the factory EDC shocks. However, the EDC system must either be disabled via programming (coding) or with a separate EDC-delete module.


We encourage your questions and inquires. We can build a package for you after consultation and cannot be compared on price alone. 
We have a best price guarantee on all MCS packages - show us a competitor's quote and we'll beat it!

BMW Fitments:

2 Series
F87 (19-21) > M2 Competition S55
F87 (16-19) > M2 N55
3 Series
F80 (15-19) > M3
4 Series
F82 / F83 (15-20) > M4

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